Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sustainability is a core value right now: Sustainable Plastic Homeware in Style.

One of the trends in the Emotional Dimension about which I was talking previously is about Sustainability. And this will be my topic today.

Sustainability has shifted as a value desired by people to a core value for Business and Corporate Culture, according to Tamara Howard in her article "Mindfulness, Sustainability, Social Responsibility – Not Just Buzzwords!", published recently in Triple Pundit. And so have done Mindfulness and Social Responsability. All of these have been encouraged by Millenials and this has had and efect in the field of Design. Here follow some interesing examples:

1-Strategies for limiting the impact of plastic production are being implemented

According to Kevin Ireland in "Four Paths to More sustainable Plastics"  these are 

  • Changing petroleum based feedstock to renewable ones (like starch and natural fibers)
  • Reclaiming feedstok (biobased industrial byproducts, agricultural byproducts and reclaimed wood fibers)
  • Recycling pre-consumer and post-consumer plastic feedsotck and products (the post-consumer recycling having much improvement potential)
  • And using Biodegradable Plastics, which can help in reducing landfill waste, while contributing to the production of Methane in Solid Waste Landfills (Methane being a powerful greenhouse gas)

2- Ecobrands are delivering sustainable homeware products in style yet

As WGSN/Insider informs, sustainable homeware products have been spotted in Chicago's International Home Houseware Show 2016. And not in raw colours as you could expect. According to WGSN Lifestyle&Interiors Editor Laurence Pasquiernatural dyes are going to be on spot in 2017. 

EcosoulLife has presented biodegradable tableware products made from rice husk, corn starch, bamboo and palm leave. And in bold hues ( greens, blues, oranges and pinks) achieved with 100% natural pigments. Their motto being "Safer for me, safer for the planet", it makes sense. And their products are Non GMO.

These are some of their products:

Sunday, 13 March 2016

"The Trend Management toolkit", by Kjaer Global

As I wrote in my first post, I'm truly passionate about trends. 

Currently I'm reading " The Trend Management Toolkit", by Anne Lise Kjaer, from Kjaer Global, and I'm absolutely fascinated with Anne's 360 ยบ view on Trends. She has provided me with the Global Frame I needed to understand where all in the Trends' World comes from. Global Trends help me to understand where Design and Colour Trends are emerging from and why. And I hope this will assist me in serving better my dreamed costumers. 

And why am I sharing this good information? 

Because today all is in the Internet, and if you are interested, you will reach the good info anyway. Then, why not sharing my own learnings with others? In this case, more is more, and I hope it can lead to interesting professional collaborations in a near future.

To spot Trends, I keep in mind the 4 dimensions Of Multidimensional Thinking established by Kjaer Global, that is, Scientific & Social (corresponding to Left Brain characteristics) and Emotional & Spiritual (corresponding to Right Brain characteristics).

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Hello and presenting myself as a Trend Spotter.

Some years ago I became deeply interested in the field of Colour, since when learning Interior Design in Art SchooI I hadn't been taught more than basic knowledge of Colour Circle relationships, that is primary, secondary and tertiary colours creation. And that's all. 

I learnt the basics to creating Colour Atmospheres with Kate Smith, from Sensationalcolor and have been since then engaged in learning more and more about colour. I created "La Colorista", my Colour Service. And Colour lead me to Colour and Design Trends, and from there I came to Global Trends, which is an easy fact to understand, since today all things are so closely intertwined in this Global World of ours.

Look4deco en Youtube.
Isabel de Yzaguirre & Meritxell Margarit.

Since January 2016 I'm helping Kate Smith in her "How to Become a Better Trend Spotter Instantly" course and this has helped me to organize  all the amount of information I have collected througout the last years in a better way. This is an amazing course, with a huge amount of very valuable information that will help anyone interested in trends to follow and detect them better. I highly recommend it!