Sunday, 13 March 2016

"The Trend Management toolkit", by Kjaer Global

As I wrote in my first post, I'm truly passionate about trends. 

Currently I'm reading " The Trend Management Toolkit", by Anne Lise Kjaer, from Kjaer Global, and I'm absolutely fascinated with Anne's 360 ยบ view on Trends. She has provided me with the Global Frame I needed to understand where all in the Trends' World comes from. Global Trends help me to understand where Design and Colour Trends are emerging from and why. And I hope this will assist me in serving better my dreamed costumers. 

And why am I sharing this good information? 

Because today all is in the Internet, and if you are interested, you will reach the good info anyway. Then, why not sharing my own learnings with others? In this case, more is more, and I hope it can lead to interesting professional collaborations in a near future.

To spot Trends, I keep in mind the 4 dimensions Of Multidimensional Thinking established by Kjaer Global, that is, Scientific & Social (corresponding to Left Brain characteristics) and Emotional & Spiritual (corresponding to Right Brain characteristics).

Left Brain and the Scientific and Social dimensions were the only used along the 21th Century.  They used data on "politics and economics, social drivers such as demographics and migration, plus environment, legislation, shifts in technology and media influences" (Kjaer Global).

Adding Right Brain vision to the process (that is, capturing "more intangible forces at play in society", Kjaer Global) lets us gain "a wider visionary perspective – tapping into the emotional and spiritual drivers of culture, lifestyle and consumption behaviour, alongside the dynamics of personal wellbeing, value sets and ethics." (Kjaer Global). If you want to know more about this process, I highly recommend reading Anne Lise's book. By the way, I'm not affiliated to Kjaer Global! I only want to make clear in what frame I will write my journal notes down. 

And though my main focus is colour and design, I'm also interested in any political, economical or social event  that can influence society, lifestyle and the future of our beautiful and convulsed planet.That's why I will write about any of these subjects according to what I observe all along weeks to come.

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